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Full Spectrum CBD Oil - Lemon

Full Spectrum CBD Oil - Lemon

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Introducing our delicious Lemon Flavor Full Spectrum CBD Oil! This premium oil is perfect for those looking for a natural and effective way to improve their overall well-being. Our full-spectrum CBD oil is specially formulated with a blend of essential cannabinoids and terpenes found in the hemp plant, providing you with the full spectrum of benefits that CBD has to offer.

  • Made with organic, high-quality ingredients
  • Safe & Non-Toxic
  • Free of Any Psychoactive Effects
  • 0% THC

The Serene Sensei Lemon-Flavored Full-Spectrum CBD Oil is easy to use and comes in a convenient dropper bottle, making it easy to adjust your dosage as needed. Whether you're looking to reduce anxiety and stress, enhance your mood, or alleviate pain and inflammation, our premium CBD oil is the perfect solution.

Each drop contains a potent dose of CBD extract, along with all the natural cannabinoids and terpenes found in the hemp plant. Experience the full spectrum of benefits that CBD has to offer with our delicious and effective Blueberry Flavor Full Spectrum CBD Oil.

So why wait? Try our Serene Sensei Lemon-Flavored Full-Spectrum CBD Oil today and experience the benefits for yourself!

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Here are the Nitty Gritty Details


  • Reduced Anxiety & Stress: By increasing the levels of naturally-occurring cannabinoids in the body, CBD oil can help to reduce feelings of anxiety and stress, and improve overall mood. Unlike prescription medications, CBD oil is fast-acting and does not have any negative side effects and non-addictive.

  • Alleviate Inflammation & Pain: Made with 100% pure, natural CBD, our CBD oil contains anti-inflammatory properties specifically designed to help reduce pain and in flammation in targeted joints and areas.

  • Enhance Your Sleep, Mood & Focus: Whether you're looking to wind down or start your day off on the right side of the bed, CBD oil can help you knockout any to-do list and get a restful night sleep.

  • Delicious with Zero Hemp Taste: Who said CBD had to taste nasty? Enjoy the benefits without the downside with a variety of mouth-watering flavors.

CBD Per Serving

  • 500MG | Serving Per Container: 30 (CBD Per Serving: 16.6 MG)
  • 1500MG | Serving Per Container: 30 (CBD Per Serving: 50 MG)
  • 2000MG | Serving Per Container: 30 (CBD Per Serving: 66.7 MG)


Suggested Use: Use up to a full dropper (1ml) twice a day. Place 20 drops under the tongue, hold for 30 seconds, then swallow. 


Refined Hemp Seed Oil, Flavoring*, Sweetener, Full Spectrum CBD Extract.

*Flavoring either Blueberry, Lemon, or Natural


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A Peace of Mind Starts With The Stuff You Put in Your Body.

  • All-Natural Ingredients

    Made with no harsh chemicals and natural hemp-derived ingredients.

  • Made in the USA

    From development to shipment, all Serene Sensei products are made in US.

  • Third-Party Tested

    Your safety is our #1 priority when consuming any Serene Sensei product.

  • Certified Quality

    Feel good and enjoy a peace of mind without breaking your wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What Are The Side Effects of CBD Oil?

CBD oils have loads of benefits like reducing anxious feelings, help give you a more restful night sleep, or improve your focus throughout the day. CBD has several side effects, including dry mouth, constipation, decreased appetite, drowsiness, and tiredness. CBD can also react with other medicines you're taking, such as blood thinners.

Is CBD Oil Safe to Use?

CBD is generally considered safe, but it can interact with other medications and supplements. If you're taking any other medications like antidepressants, Vigra, Metformin, or Sertraline, it's important to talk to your doctor before taking CBD oil. Additionally, pregnant women and children should avoid taking CBD oil.

Should I Take This in the Morning or Night?

Some people find that taking CBD oil in the morning helps them to feel more awake and alert during the day. Others find that taking it at night helps them to relax and sleep better. Ultimately, it is up to each individual to decide what time of day works best for them.

If you want to utilize CBD oil to treat the symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder, your best bet is to take it in the morning before you go out to face the world. Since CBD oil has a shelf life of around four to six hours, you may wish to take another dose later on in the day if required. Take CBD an hour before bed and while participating in a pre-bedtime activity such as meditation, stretching, or a warm and relaxing bath. It can take up to 30 minutes for people to feel anything after taking the first dose because everyone is different.

Can I Take CBD Oil While Pregnant?

The use of cannabidiol (CBD), tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and marijuana in any form during pregnancy or while breastfeeding is highly discouraged by the FDA.

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